Tefen’s range of non-electric water-driven proportional dosing pumps and its family of flow products are in use worldwide wherever quality and reliability is a key. Our MixRite dosing pumps are the optimal, cost-effective choice for a wide range of applications from drinking water sanitation and disinfection , to water system sanitization and in other fields like crop fertilization, livestock medication, cleaning or disinfection of flow process lines, car washes, etc. Our comprehensive range of flow products are used extensively for pneumatic and hydraulic automation purposes as well as for the irrigation industry.

The water powered dosing pump is a simple and ingenious system that has demonstrated its worth since many decades in about a hundred countries. Installed directly in the water supply line, the Pump operates without electricity and is applicable to provide water disinfection in remote and rural areas where power accessibility is not possible; it uses the flow of water as the power source. The water activates the Pump, which takes up the required percentage of concentrate and injects it into the water. Inside the Pump, the concentrate is mixed with the water, and the water pressure forces the solution downstream. Once adjusted, the dispenser requires no action or external control.

The dose of concentrate will be directly proportional to the volume of water entering the Pump, regardless of variations in flow and pressure which may occur in the main line. The high dosing precision eliminates all risks of overdosing, thus contributing to respecting the environment.




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