Eval For Hermetic of Post Harvest Food Grains

What is Hermetic Process of Grain Storage ?

  • Hermetic Means "Air-Tight or Gas-Tight" & Totally isolated from surrounding Air.
  • Hermetic Storage is a Tightly Closed Storage with modified Atmosphere of gases and Humidity Conditions.
  • Living Organisms' Respiration Causes O2 Depletion and Increase of CO2.
  • In Hermetic Condition, The Ecosystem is modified with high CO2 Levels by killing living Insect and new Developments.

Storage Methods Using EVAL Based Film

  • Silo Bags

  • Bulk Bag Liners

Use of Hermetic Bags in Foodgrain Storage

Use of Eval in a Typical Hermetic Bag Structure

High Gas Barrier Resin EVAL Offers

  • Protection of post Harvest grains by modified amosphere packaging
  • Pest control without fumigation
  • Mantained High Germination rate of seeds
  • Increase yield and farmer income
  • Green and Simple Storage Technology