Ultrafilteraion Membrane

Ultrafiltration membranes are capable of separating larger materials such as colloids, particulates, fats, bacteria, and proteins, while allowing sugars, and other low molecular weight molecules to pass through the membrane. Precise filtration hollow fiber membranes capable of filtering microparticles 0.02 - 0.2 μm in size from liquids. surface is coated with hydrophilic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) so that less fouling occours, and as the lower end of hollow fibers is left free , suspended solids(SS) can be easily removed without accumulating between the fibers.

  • High permeability
  • High strength, high chemical resistance
  • Applicable to higher turbidity
  • High water recovery
  • Small footprint, low cost

Applications of Microslay

  • Bacteria, Suspended Solids , Fe and Mn removal as well as drinking water production from surface and ground water
  • Purification of process water for food manufacturing, precise cleaning and etc.
  • Pretreatment for RO or NF , used for ultrapure water production and seawater desalination
  • Recovery and recycle of pure water washing wastewater and sand filter backwash wastewater
  • Concentration , recovery and recycle of various abrasives and other valuables

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